Lap Dance Brisbane Rules Every Strip Club Guest Must Know

There is no question that one of the ultimate experiences you can get at a strip club in Brisbane is a steamy lap dance Brisbane show. Having a sexy dancer come in close contact with you in a private room can only take your arousal and fantasies to another level.

Want to make sure you fully enjoy the private show? Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have a lap dance experience you’ll want to relive again and again.

General rules

  • You have to pay for a private dance. You’re enjoying the special attention and being touched and aroused by the stripper, aren’t you? Then, of course, it’ll cost you. Remember that most strippers earn only from tips and lap dances, so don’t deprive them of their rent money.
  • Know how much. Clubs will usually have their own rules on how long a lap dance lasts and how much it will cost. For instance, 3 songs could cost $80. But if you want a longer private show, just ask how much more you’ll have to pay. Make sure you’ve worked out the deal before you get your private dance to avoid any problems.
  • Do not touch. Even if the dancer is gyrating on you, this doesn’t mean you can grope or caress. However, there are some establishments where strippers allow you to touch them while they’re giving you the best lap dance Brisbane offers. But, they are the ones who have to give the go signal, and your hands can only go where they allow.
  • You can always say no. If you feel like it’s going too far or you are starting to get uncomfortable, you can gently pull away. If your body language isn’t obvious enough, then just politely express your feelings rather than run out of the room.
  • You can’t curse, shout, and be disrespectful or rude. Just because you’re spending more for a private show doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do whatever you want in the private room. Treat all dancers with respect.
  • Take out your phone, keys, and any other objects in your pockets that can cause harm or accidents. You don’t want to give yourself or the stripper some nasty wounds and scars.

For the ladies

With female celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Watson hitting strip joints, it seems more women are becoming more open and comfortable to party in these clubs. And they’re not just there to sit and watch dancers work the pole and stage.

Some also want to experience the much raved about lap dance. Just a warning—you may get too excited or confused about what’s going on as this is a whole new experience. But just stick to the general rules above and you’ll be fine.

It also helps to remember that even if you have a vagina too, that doesn’t exempt you from treating the female dancers anyway you fancy. The policies still apply to you.

For couples

Wow! You and your partner are certainly taking things to the next level if you both agreed to get a lap dance Brisbane experience. Many couples have shared how much steamier their action in the bedroom was after hitting a strip club together.

Now, before you two start making it rain in the clubs, remember that a private show for you both means paying double. The stripper will be working twice as hard to satisfy two clients, so it’s only reasonable.

Also, both of you should be prepared if ever the dancer is paying more attention to the other partner. Make sure neither of you will suddenly get a fit of jealousy and tackle the stripper. Shooting glares of death at the dancer won’t work either, as it will only cause an uncomfortable situation.

So, if both parties are not 100% cool with it, just don’t do it. This will save you and the stripper a whole lot of trouble.

Rules will vary from club to club. If ever you are in a situation where there are no guidelines or it is completely new to you, it’s much better to ask how to proceed rather than look like a fool later.

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